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Just South of Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula sits the tiny country of Belize. They speak English. Their dollar is worth twice as much as ours. And the fishing destinations there are outstanding. If tarpon fishing in Belize makes your mouth water...if permit fishing makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up...if bonefishing raises your blood pressure - then Belize is the place to go. We have a few different options in this Grand Slam Mecca. Come and see why it is called by many, "The last best place!"

Nice enough for the wife to enjoy while you fish are two of our favorite spots in Belize on Ambergris Caye - El Pescador Lodge (The Fisherman) and Belize River Lodge. They have wonderful non-fishing activities like snorkeling, shopping, zoo tours, and Mayan Ruins as well as a beautiful pool. Guys, the ladies will think they are in heaven!

In the southern reaches off of Placencia on its own private island sits Tarpon Caye Lodge. It is rustic and remote, but has plenty of comfort including WI-FI if you absolutely must check in. The permit fishing here is outstanding. Seriously, I don't know how I would ever get a grand slam here...I could never leave the permit flats to go catch a tarpon and a bonefish.

Even further South, and even more remote we have an operator who uses a liveaboard mothership to take our clients to remote flats that are impossible to reach by a land-based operation. Three Amigos Flyfishing fishes the water south of Placencia to the Honduran border for their northern fishing adventure. And they start in Honduras and go north for their southern fishing adventure. I haven't been here yet, but it is on a very short MUST SEE list for fishing destinations I have yet to enjoy.

  • Tarpon fishing in the mangroves or on the flats are enough to make me start to sweat. And vast unfished flats all to yourself...well, I can't see it getting any better than this. Three Amigos is the Belize fishing destination that offers this slice of fishing dream fodder.
  • Schools of hundreds of bonefish on sandy flats or hovering in the turtlegrass awaiting your fly - this is the norm for almost all of Belize. Bonefish are definitely the easiest of the SLAM species to catch, but don't underestimate them...especially the big ones.
  • There are more permit in these waters than any place I've ever seen. In fact - this is the best permit fishing area anywhere on the planet.
  • Choose from deluxe lodge accommodations, live aboard vessels, or rustic but comfortable cabanas on your own private Caye. Whatever the choice, fishing in Belize will more than live up to your expectations for a fishing destination.

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