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Our northern neighbor is a fishing traveler's paradise! From the majestic peaks of British Columbia where the steelhead can be as big as Chinook salmon to the tundra of the Yukon and Northwest Territory where the Lakers grow bigger than both, we have excellent fishing destinations that will help you live your dreams. Choose a five-star luxury fly-out fishing lodge, or a more rustic cabin on a pristine lake. However you envision your fishing or flyfishing adventure, we'll help you make it happen!
Steelhead fishing is the name of the game for BC. Salmon fishing and trout fishing follow close behind. I am personally afflicted by a serious case of "addiction to steel" and the rivers in British Columbia do not help my problem in the least. There are the famous rivers of course - the Dean, the Babine, the Kispiox, but there are also dozens of remote lesser known streams that hold monster steelhead. These are the streams that our friend and outfitter Gill McKean, of West Coast Fishing Adventures loves to take our clients to. Some of these steelhead rivers you can drive to. Others you have to hike into or take an ATV over rough terrain. But the prize is worth the effort. Nowhere on Earth do the steelhead come as big or in such great numbers as British Columbia. Steelhead fishing in British Columbia might be my favorite of all the northern adventures.
For a much closer British Columbia fishing lodge, you may want to take a loot at Blackfish Lodge. You can completely avoid the Vancouver Airport which is notorious for difficult customs agents and long lines. We accomplish this by flying you right out of Lake Washington in Bothel, WA just north of Seattle. From here we fly into Nanaimo where you clear customs at a small float-plane dock with absolutely no lines. Once you get to the floating lodge in its own private bay, you'll enjoy Chris and Hannah's outstanding hospitality, excellent gourmet meals, and top notch remote Canada fishing for salmon, trout, and other species. At the end of the day, make sure to go check the crab and shrimp traps for some fresh seafood to add to the evening meal. This is a remarkable quaint Canada fishing lodge and a fantastic fishing adventure.

We have one lodge in the Yukon Territory. And this one lodge is a gem. Inconnu lodge may be the best overall fishing adventure destination in Canada. The food is better than many five star restaurants I have patronized. The gear is all top notch and you don't need to bring anything with you. Add the helicopter and the Beaver floatplane to the mix and you have the recipe for the best Canada fishing trip known to mankind...or at least to me.

You'll catch as many grayling as you can handle. Dolly Varden fishing is excellent with many fish going over five pounds. The lake trout fishing at Inconnu is also excellent and they have pike lakes that see very few anglers each season. Many of the lakes they fly you into can only be accessed by air or extremely long hikes. Remote luxury Canada flyfishing is the operative phrase.

If fishing for walleye is your bag, then Ontario is the fishing destination you should consider. We represent one of the finest trophy walley lodges in the country in Tetu Island Lodge. Their prices are very reasonable for the quality of Canada fishing adventure they provide our clients. It is another case of remote luxury and unparalleled service.
And if that wasn't enough, we represent another great Canada fishing lodge destination with an extremely attractive pricetag. Hubers Lone Pine Resort is value oriented fishing. If you like comfortable cabins, a do-it-yourself fishing, and home-cooked meals, Hubers is a great option for a Canada fishing trip. Fishing for walleye, smallmouth bass, and muskie fishing are just a few of the highlights of this economical Canada fishing trip.NORTHWEST TERRITORIES CANADA FISHING DESTINATIONS
The six Canada fishing lodges we have in NWT Canada are run by the legendary Plummers Arctic Lodges group. Enormous lake trout in excess of seventy pouunds are caught every season by the anglers who travel to the northernmost boundary of our fishing portfolio. Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake are two Canada fishing lodges you ma
y have heard of...but there are a few others that are a bit more "off the radar". How about thirty plus pound Arctic Char on a fly rod? You can have a shot at yours at Tree River Lodge.

BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA FISHING - Fish the legendary Skeena system for the prized twenty-pound steelhead with our friends at Westcoast Fishing Adventures. Or try fishing for chinook salmon, coho salmon, and trout at a remote and rustic floating Blackfish Lodge.

YUKON TERRITORY FISHING - Inconnu Lodge - Luxury Fly-Out fishing for lake trout, pike, grayling, and dolly varden. Without a doubt, the best Canada fishing lodge I've ever seen.

- Tetu Island Lodge and Hubers Lone Pine Resort for walleye, smallmouth, and muskie...just to name a few! Two great Canada fishing lodges at two distinct price points to fit any budget.

NORTHWEST TERRITORIES FISHING - Plummers Arctic Lodges cover every aspect fishing in the great northern portion of Canada. Lake trout, Arctic char, and grayling are the targets. Six excellent Canada fishing lodges to choose from.

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