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Manzanillo, Rio Colorado, Rio Parismina, Crocodile Bay, Quepos, Tamarindo, Flamingo

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COSTA RICA FISHING - Since the end of the second world war, the US and Costa Rica have had a very symbiotic relationship. We protect their borders, they are nice to our tourism industry. On the Western shore of this tiny country you'll find the Pacific Ocean replete with the species found all along the West Coast of the continent. Marlin, sailfish, dorado, tuna, snapper, jacks and the very beautiful roosterfish abound in great numbers. On the Eastern shore the picturesque Caribbean awaits you. Tarpon up to 200 pounds are plentiful and there are smaller jungle species and the everpresent snook to target as well. We have numerous options and loads of first-hand knowledge of Costa Rica fishg destinations on the planet!CARIBBEAN COSTA RICA FISHING
On the Caribbean side of this tiny country the infrastructure is minimal. The cities are more like villags and there are certainly more tarpon and snook than people. All of our Caribbean Costa Rica fishing destinations are located in jungle settings with spider monkeys and howler monkeys everpresent. If you have not been awakened by the howl of the howler monkey, you are in for an eerie treat. Tarpon fishing is the main attraction for sure, but at times the snook fishing is outstanding. While most people do not consider Costa Rica to be a mecca for flyfishing for tarpon, we do have one location that has actual sight cast fishing for tarpon in shallow water. At the other two destinations, it is a matter of getting out over the bar and into the deep water when fishing for these silver king giant tarpon.Although at times, the tarpon are very plentiful in the Rio Colorado and the Rio Parismina - the two main river drainages on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.
All conventional gear is provided for our Costa Rica tarpon fishing adventures at no additional cost to our clients. And most offer an open bar at the end of each day that with the help of ibuprofen will alleviate the guaranteed sore shoulders you will have from fighting tarpon. The tarpon here are big and strong so be in shape!

The Pacific side of Costa Rica is much more 'civilized'. We even have one destination with a fully equipped spa with all the treatments for the finer halves. Ladies and gentlemen alike will love a massage at the end of a long day of fishing for sailfish in Costa Rica.
Fishing for sailfish and fishing for marlin are the more popular activities on this side of Costa Rica, but you'll also be thrilled with the tuna fishing, dorado fishing, and a host of other deep sea fishing options. We have dozens of ecotourism options as well. Our eco tours include hikes to a picturesque waterfall, ATV rides along pristine beaches, wildlife viewing expeditions, and even zip lines. Guys, plan a trip to Costa Rica as a romantic getaway and get some of the best saltwater fishing on the planet for yourself. That is what we call a WIN-WIN!

  • SILVER KING LODGE - My wife and I are hosting a tarpon fishing trip here Feb 27-Mar 5. Plenty of space left and a great price of $2255 pp plus air, San Jose expenses, and tips.

  • MANZANILLO TARPONVILLE - Actual sight fishing for tarpon in Costa Rica. It's not like the clear water of the Florida Keys, but you also won't have 100 of your closest friends prowling the flats with you. It's a remote, rustic tarpon fishing adventure that is not for everyone.
  • RIO PARISMINA LODGE - a quaint jungle setting for tarpon fishing. Awake to howler monkeys each morning as you prepare yourself for a day of fishing for tarpon, snook, and other saltwater species.
  • CROCODILE BAY LODGE - The finest fishing lodge in the country. A wonderful location with many additional activities to go along with outstanding fishing!

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