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We get one lifetime to make a difference in our world. We are alive for just a few brief moments compared to the eternal timeline. While fishing and traveling are two of the passions in my life, the following information highlights some entities that are REALLY important. I support personally and Rod and Reel Adventures corporately supports these organizations. I encourage you to take a look at what they do. If you want to help - feel free. But even if you don't support these ones, if you look around, you'll find good people in good charities to support in your community. I guarantee it will feel really good to help! Do something important and help change your world for the better!

Refuge Foundation
The Refuge Foundation has been run by close friends of mine out of Billings, Montana since its inception over ten years ago. They received offical nonprofit status just a couple of years ago and as of November 15, I am the Executive Director! We bring in non-profit servant leaders from all over the world and take them flyfishing, bird hunting, and offer a refreshing time away from the stresses of working long hours in the non-profit world as a catalyst for life changes that help them avoid or work through the rigors of burnout. If you know nonprofit leaders that would benefit from some quality refreshment in Montana and could likely not afford to do it on their own, let me know. And if you have a heart and the finances to help - please call me at 541-349-0777 and let me share our vision and our needs. CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO ABOUT REFUGE FOUNDATION

World Pediatric Project
I recently met a retired doctor from Richmond, Virginia while on a hosted fishing adventure in Belize. He told me about this organization and it struck a chord in my heart. Read about it and you'll be shocked, and impressed with how these people are changing the world by helping children from third world countries get treatments and surgeries they would never receive at home.

Relief Nursery of Eugene
This organization helps teach parents who are in difficult situations how to properly care for and nurture their very young children. They focus on helping these usually young parents give their innocent and helpless children a real chance at life!

World Vision International
Helping fight poverty and child starvation.

Young Life Canada
My brother-in-law, and sister-in-law work full time for Young Life in Ontario. The impact they have on young people is important. The next generation needs attention and engagement - I'm proud to support their efforts!

Young LIfe United States

Just a great organization that really cares about kids. There is very little in this world more important than helping to shape the next generation for the good. Eventually these kids will be leading and taking care of us!

Our Home Church - Eugene Faith Center
We've attended Faith Center since 1982. I help out with the music a few times a month and my wife and I lead a group of young 20somethings. Faith is an important part of our family life and we love our church. Don't give your money to our church -- but if you don't already go to a church where you live, think about supporting something good they are doing for your community.

Faith Chapel - Billings, Montana
The home church of some really close friends!

Bayside Church - Sacramento, California
The home church of my homie Curt Harlow! He also happens to work there!


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