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There are hundreds of really good fishing guides in Oregon covering fishing options from huge Columbia River sturgeon, to Cascade brook trout. While we could list a lot more than we do, we feel the most important qualities a great fishing guide can have are patience, a sense of humor, and expertise. With this in mind, we have a limited offering that we hope will satisfy your Oregon fishing needs.

Dean has become one of my favorite guides in Oregon. He has a calm demeanor, great fishing knowledge, and he will tell you the entire truth about the current conditions before taking you for a "boat ride". I have gone fishing in Oregon with Dean on several occasions and there will be many more fishing trips to come. He specializes in flyfishing Oregon waters, but he is also extremely knowledgeable in conventional fishing tactics as well. Here is the story straight from Dean:We offer year round fishing opportunities on the World Famous "Fly water section" of the North Umpqua River for Steelhead on the fly. The "Town Run"- Eugene and Springfields ultimate urban steelheaad fly fishing experience. McKenzie Trout, Umpqua Smallmouth Bass and Shad as well as many Southern Oregon coastal streams and estuarys for opportunities to catch Salmon on the fly. We offer you the option of choosing walk-in trips, or a boat trip from either a 16' Clackacraft fly-bench model McKenzie style driftboat or a powerboat trip from a 20' inboard jet-boat.

Expert guide, Dean Finnerty, currently uses many different tried and proven fly rod techniques to get his clients into fish consistently. Dean and our guides will teach you what tactics, fly patterns and techniques that will work the best on any given day for the species you're after.

Dean has been a fly fishing instructor for more than 20 years and has taught fly-casting and presentation to both professional and beginning anglers.

We specialize in catch and release on most of our Steelhead, Trout and Smallmouth Bass trips. We recognize that many people enjoy catching fish for the table, but also understand that if our fishing resources are to last into the future, then now is the time to embrace conservation efforts for all the species we fish for. We recommend that our clients bring video camera's or 35 mm type cameras on their adventures to capture some of the scenes of the day. It is not uncommon for us to see Bald Eagles, Osprey, Seal/Sea Lion, Grey Whales, ducks, geese, deer, elk, bear and numerous other species of wildlife while on most of the rivers and bays that we fish. Dean can also make arrangements to have your trophy mounted by some of the top taxidermists around or have your fish "air shipped" anywhere in the world.
Our Goal at 5 Rivers Guide Service and North Umpqua Fly Fishing Adventures is to give you the best guided fishing trip in the state of Oregon, one that you will cherish the memories of, for years to come.

Bob Stockdall is also one of my favorite Oregon fishing guides. He has an excellent sense of humor and the patience of Job. Guided fishing days should be full of fun and happiness. Nothing ruins a day faster than a guide who has a "know-it-all" attitude or gets frustrated by anglers lack of ability or skill. If you are looking for a great Oregon sturgeon strip, an Oregon fall chinook trip, or just about any other kind of fishing adventure, Bob will make your fishing day memorable and enjoyable. Here's the story straight from the source:
Bob Stockdall provides a safe and enjoyable Oregon fishing experience for anglers of all ages and abilities. Bob has two boats, a 25 1/2' Alumaweld Super Vee jet boat and a 16' drift boat. Our jet boat comfortably accommodates 6 people, and is used to fish the bigger rivers like Oregon's infamous Willamette River and Columbia River for  spring Chinook salmon fishing and sturgeon fishing. It is also used for Oregon coast deep sea fishing and trolling the estuaries for fall Chinook. The drift boat is used for the smaller rivers and fly fishing and has a "standing knee brace" so when we are fishing two people, they don't have to cast around each other.Bob specializes in spinning gear, bait casting, and flyfishing for all the Oregon fishing he offers. Ask him about our legendary day of steelheading....and the one I "let" him catch!

He provides our guests with the very best sport fishing equipment available with G-Loomis Rods, Abu Garcia and Shimano Reels. All necessary fishing equipment including bait and flies are provided. Our trips take up the better part of a full day, you will get thirsty and hungry over the course of the day so be sure to bring along a lunch, soft-drinks, and any snacks you might want while we are out on the water.

I have known Troy for many years and he is an Oregon fishing guide who is extremely knowledgable, totally committed to seeing his anglers have a memorable and exciting day of fishing, and passionate about fishing. Troy is a fulltime Oregon fishing guide. 
He fishes for Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon and Smallmouth bass. He has a 25 ft Koffler sled. It will fish up to six customers comfortably.  He also has a 17ft driftboat that will fish two people comfortably. He fishes for spring salmon on the Columbia in the months of March, April and May. In the months of July, August, September and October he fishes the Umpqua, Coos and Siuslaw rivers.

Sturgeon fishing is a year around fishery with certain months being catch and release only. February, March and April are the best months to fish the Columbia around Portland, Oregon. The best sturgeon fishing always takes place in the month of June in Astoria. This is where we catch the highest number of keepers.In July it is smallmouth bass time. He fishes the Umpqua river around the town of Tyee and you can legitimately expect to catch fifty or more of these acrobatic fish every day on the Umpqua River.

Winter steelhead fishing is in January and February on the Coquille and other Southern Oregon watersheds.

I've known Stan Stanton for over twenty years and if you are looking for a quality fishing trip on an Oregon stream, you have found one. Stan has over sixty years of fishing experience and is patient and detail oriented as only a true veteran of the sport can be. He is a legendary flycaster, fly tyer, and Oregon fishing guide.
Stan's specialties include flyfishing the McKenzie river for rainbow trout and steelhead, as well as spring and fall chinook trips. Stan has more one liners and fish stories than anyone I know in the fishing industry. He fishes out of a classic McKenzie style drift boat - quiet, comfortable, and practical. He knows the upper stretches of the McKenzie River like the back of his hand and the river ride alone will be worth the price of admission. Stan is also an excellent teacher of both casting and fishing. While flyfishing is his personal preference, he is excellent at helping anglers learn the techniques of back bouncing, spinner tossing, drifting gear, and even bobber fishing as the conditions dictate. You will not be disappointed with any aspect of a day of fishing with Stan.


Dean Finnerty - $350 per day for one or two anglers. $400 per day on split days. Lunch and beverages included. All gear except personal wading gear is provided.

Bob Stockdall - $175 per person for 2-3 anglers. $150 per person for 4 or more. $200 for a single angler.

Troy Corgain - $175 per person for 2 or more anglers. $225 for a single angler.

Stan Stanton - $400 for two people for a full day. $275 for a half day. $300 for a beginning flyfishing class includind a half day float for two people.


Coquille River - steelhead
Elk River - chinook salmon
Siletz River - steelhead
Siuslaw River - salmon, steelhead
Sixes River - chinook salmon
Umpqua River - chinook salmon, smallmouth bass, steelhead

McKenzie RIver - chinook salmon, steelhead, trout
Santiam River - chinook salmon, steelhead
Willamette River - chinook salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, trout

COLUMBIA RIVER - sturgeon and spring salmon.

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