Plummers Arctic Lodges

You will be required to provide proof of citizenship to enter Canada.  If you are a U.S. citizen then a valid passport is required.
Print two copies of the page in your passport, which includes your picture, passport number, issue and expiration date. Keep one copy in your wallet or pocket and one in your luggage.  This can be very helpful entering and leaving the country if your passport is lost.


In order to receive objective information about Plummers Lodges and all of our Northwest Territories Canada fishing destinations, you need to contact us. If you know where you want to go, but just need availability information, fill out this form and submit it. We'll have answers for you quickly so you can make your decision.

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The Arctic has a rich history yet a relatively recent one. When you consider that mankind was only beginning to understand how little we do indeed understand about the Arctic in the 1930’s and you consider at the same time that the Plummer’s were exploring this part of the world in the late thirties it can be said with certainty that there is no one on the planet today that has explored more of this enchanting part of the world. While the north maintains its hold on remaining remote, for over 50 years Plummer’s has made it accessible in modern terms, defying what Mother Nature as laid in the path from the end of the road in Yellowknife to the Arctic coast.

The location of our Great Slave Lake Lodge was discovered by Warren Plummer and his father by canoe in 1938 but with the Plummer’s being pioneers in aviation it was not long before airplanes on floats and skis were being used by the family to explore beyond the frontier. As many of you reading this are aware, you do not have to spend long in a cove or among islands on Great Bear Lake casting from the float of an airplane to determine that you are on the best lake trout fishery in the world. This is where the Plummer’s decided the next lodge was to be built. We now operate three lodges on Great Bear Lake where the largest lake trout in the world have been caught since records were being kept. It is noteworthy that even in these modern times, a lake that is the size of England, that is only ice free for about 90 days a year has only Plummer’s operating fishing lodges on her shores. With that kind of limited access and the conservation policies of Plummer’s it is no wonder it remains the outstanding fishery it was over 60 years ago when the Plummer family began to explore it.
While fishing is still the biggest draw to the north in the summer time, you can’t spend a lifetime in the Arctic without getting into a few other adventurous outlets. Plummer’s can take you on many adventures in the Arctic including hunting for exotic big game like Musk Ox, floating the Coppermine River in rafts, canoeing endless rivers in the Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake watershed’s and kayaking the fresh water ocean we call Great Bear Lake amongst the shelter of the islands of the McTavish Arm from the old frontier outpost of Cameron Bay through the archipelago past the 1930’s mine site at Port Radium to our Arctic Circle Lodge. Wildlife opportunities are with you every moment you spend in the remote north but we can also organize targeted wildlife tours so that you get that footage you have been dreaming of, including caribou migration, Musk Ox herds, Grizzly Bears, plenty of raptors, wolves and many other species.FISHING INFORMATION FOR PLUMMERS ARCTIC LODGES
In the last ten years more and more anglers are catching on to the fly fishing opportunities in the Arctic.

Most guests now find room for a fly rod in the luggage they bring to Plummer's lodges and some come strictly to fly fish. Without a doubt, Plummer's lodges on Great Bear Lake and Tree River are the best locations in the world to catch trophy-sized Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling and Arctic Char on flies!

Lurking in the depths below, shadowy figures cruise. Lakers attack their prey with alarming speed and strength. Their numbers great, these massive trout grow to unimaginable sizes. Can you reel one in?

Plummer's Record: 78.85 lbs, Great Bear Lake, Unofficial World Record

Lake Trout Adventures: Great Bear Lake Lodge, Great Slave Lake Lodge, Trophy Lodge, and Neiland Bay Lodge.

Under the pristine blue rapids and rifles of Tree River, massive green-back Char skulk. As they negotiate the current, scouring for food, one might stumble upon your irresistible fly and take it for a run.

Plummer's Record: 32 lb 9 oz, Tree River
Arctic Char Adventures: Tree River Camp

Some love the way a winged Arctic Grayling will treat a well-presented dry fly. Others are fascinated by it's rarity and appearence. Either way, this fish provides ample action for a great light tackle experience.

Plummer's Record: 5 lb 15 oz, Katseyedie River

Arctic Grayling Adventures: Great Bear Lake Lodge, Trophy Lodge, Great Slave Lake Lodge and Neiland Bay Lodge

Wildlife viewing and photography
Paddling in the Arctic!

Kayaking the great fresh water ocean we call Great Bear Lake can be enjoyed either guided or unguided in tandem or single sea kayaks with seven day trips either basing from Arctic Circle or from Branson’s outpost or by travelling from either Arctic Circle to Branson’s or vice versa over the course of the week and camping in the field along the way. We provide the boats, paddles, tents, stoves, and cooking kits. You need to bring your paddling PFD’s, sleeping pads and bags with you. This is an incredible opportunity to paddle a body of water that is so rarely seen with plenty of wildlife to see and artefacts to discover. As you paddle the carribean blue water amongst the islands and channels that make up the rugged shield spanning the back of the McTavish Arm you will pass by history of mankind in the site of Port Radium where silver, gold and radium were discovered in 1930 and where the nuclear material for the manhattan project was mined. We recommend some pleasure reading including some historical tales of the explorers of the area be read before your trip and on or two books brought with you as they are sure to conjure goose bumps around the fire in the evenings.

Prices: Your seven day Kayaking adventure includes everything you will need as well as meals and accommodations at the start and end points and camping along the way. You must bring your own sleeping bag and pad. Guide/cook is included to make sure it is indeed a relaxing holiday. Air charter to and from Yellowknife is included. Prices exclude fishing license, liquor, gratuities and tax (5%).

Saturday to Saturday starting July 2-August 27 USD 3295

Rafting the rivers of the Arctic including the Coppermine is a serene and spectacular way to see the Arctic and to fish for char, hike the tundra and explore. There are too many options to list but the adventures that you can embark on include anything from a few days floating a river during a one week stay at Great Bear Lake to a couple of weeks covering 200 kms of river and everything in between. We provide all the equipment for camping riverside other than sleeping pads and bags. We also encourage you to bring your own properly fitted PFD but we can provide them for you as well. Trips can be guided or unguided and we fly two rafts into the field per trip. Each raft holds three including a guide should you choose to be guided.

Pricing for rafting trips vary depending on so many options that we recommend you contact us to discuss by telephone or email.

An example of trip pricing would be a party of 4 guided on the Coppermine River for one week would be USD 3395 per person.

Canoe Tripping the Arctic
Like kayaking and rafting, we can outfit canoe trips from our lodges. We have 16 foot prospector ABS boats and can arrange your trip to be completely outfitted and guided or just drop you where you want to begin and pick you up where you want to finish. So the first part of the fun is opening your map of the north, putting it on the dart board and start the planning! The limitless options are really up to your sense of adventure. Call or email us to arrange these trips.

Getting to any of the lodges on Great Bear Lake is very straight forward and we are here to help make sure the arrangements are made correctly so that your travel goes smoothly. All guests visiting Great Bear Lake, which includes Neiland Bay Lodge, Trophy
Lodge, Branson’s Outpost and Arctic Circle Lodge will arrive at the lodge and depart from the lodge on a Saturday. Special arrangements for trips that do not follow this schedule can be made by emailing or calling the office and usually involve an additional air charter cost. Because the lake is a long way north (4000 km north of Dallas!) your journey will begin on Friday if you are starting out in North America and may have to begin on Thursday if you are starting out abroad. You will need to travel from your home to Yellowknife Northwest Territories. There are several airlines that fly to Yellowknife from both Calgary Alberta and Edmonton Alberta. These airlines have scheduled flights that will not appear on such booking websites as Expedia etc but their websites are listed at the bottom of the page. Please accept our assistance in planning the trip from home to Yellowknife. Once you arrive in Yellowknife you will be met at the airport by one of our staff and we will ensure that you get to your hotel and outline for you how the morning departure for Great Bear Lake will go. In the morning a shuttle will take you from the hotel to the terminal that the charter to Great Bear Lake is leaving from. The time and charter vary but expect the departure to be mid morning and the arrival at Great Bear to be around lunch time. Depending on which lodge on Great Bear Lake you will be visiting you may be served lunch at the main lodge and then board a float plane or other wheeled airplane for one of the other lodges. There are no flights that on Saturday morning from down south that will connect with our charter so you must overnight in Yellowknife on the Friday.Your journey home after your Arctic adventure begins with a departure from Great Bear Lake early on Saturday afternoon. Depending on what lodge on Great Bear Lake you stayed at you may fly over to the main lodge right after breakfast in a float plane or other wheeled aircraft to meet the larger charter at the main lodge airstrip. You will arrive in Yellowknife on the charter and be met by our staff to ensure you and your luggage make it safely to your hotel. Due to unforeseen yet somewhat normal delays associated with flying in the far north we strongly recommend that you do not schedule your flights home from Yellowknife on the Saturday night but rather relax and enjoy Yellowknife for the night and begin your journey home on Sunday morning. We are not responsible for delays that may occur to the third party charters that bring our guests to and from Yellowknife. Rest easy knowing you followed our advice and booked you journey home on Sunday.Getting to Tree River Lodge can be done most easily via the main lodge on Great Bear Lake. Over 90% of the guests that visit Tree River Lodge do so as a side trip for a night or two from the main lodge on Great Bear Lake. When visiting the Tree River this way the trip begins at the lodge on Great Bear Lake one morning during your week stay. After breakfast and a good weather report we fly groups of guests to Tree River to fish for Arctic Char, experience the Arctic coast, and spend a night or two where few ever have.

For those of you that only want to fish the Tree River it is possible to visit the Tree River Lodge exclusively. This is done by flying to Kugluktuk on an airline scheduled flight and then making your way down to the float dock where our float plane will pick you up and take you to Tree. These trips are available from Wednesday to Sunday or from Sunday to Wednesday. Many char fanatics actually stay from Wednesday to Wednesday or Sunday to Sunday but the option is there to do the shorter trips.

Great Slave Lake Lodge can be visited for 3 days, 4 days or 7 days. All of the trips are from Yellowknife so you need to travel to Yellowknife on the day before your trip because the flights into Great Slave Lake Lodge are all early in the morning. Both the 7 day and 4 day trips begin on Saturday where you start out flying onto Great Slave Lake Lodge from Yellowknife at around 7:00AM and arrive a half an hour later for breakfast and a full day of fishing. Those staying for 4 days will fly back to Yellowknife early Wednesday morning. If all you have time for is the 3 day trip it starts early Wednesday morning and you are flown back to Yellowknife early Saturday morning.

No matter which lodge you decide to visit, we will assist you with making the most sensible travel arrangements and hotel bookings. We have staff in Yellowknife to help you plan the time you have in Yellowknife so you can take in local attractions and they will also make sure you get to where you need to be when you need to be there.

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$5245pp double occupancy
Saturday to Saturday starting July 2 - August 27

$4495pp double occupancy
Saturday to Saturday starting July 2 - August 27

$4995pp double occupancy
Saturday to Saturday starting July 5 - August 23

$5245pp double occupancy
Saturday to Saturday starting July 11 - August 8

$6245 pp double occupancy
Wednesday to Wednesday

$3595pp double occupancy Wednesday to Sunday

$995pp overnight as an addition to a week long package out of Great Bear Lake Lodge.

$3795pp double occupancy
Saturday to Saturday starting July 4 - August 29


  • All meals
  • Housekeeping
  • Roundtrip air transportation from Yellowknife to the lodge. Air is from Kugluktuk for Tree River Lodge full weeks - from Great Bear for shorter stays.


  • Shop purchases
  • Liquor
  • Gratuities
  • Fishing licenses
  • 5% tax

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