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Rainbow River Lodge is located on private land in the heart of Alaska's phenomenal Bristol Bay and Lake Illiamna "Trophy Alaska Rainbow Trout" watershed, conveniently adjacent to the Katmai Wilderness. The fly fishing lodge offers magnificent views of the Alaska wilderness and the "Home River" is the beautiful Copper River, one of Alaska's original "fly fishing only" designated streams.

Rainbow River Lodge has been rated as one of the "ten best fly fishing lodges in Alaska" and the Copper River, our "Home River" has been rated by Trout Unlimited as one of the "top 100 best Trout streams in the world". Truly outstanding accolades from the finest fly fishing authorities in the world today.

"Everything about our stay at Rainbow River Lodge was memorable, but the hospitality we received from you and the staff served to tie together all the weeks adventures. As you know, I have fished in a lot of places in the world from Canada to New Zealand but I've never seen anything to equal the Rainbow trout of the Copper River... Their size, number and fighting ability in the crystal clear water make the Copper worthy to be called a trophy stream. I am sure that I will never land the equal of the 30-inch Rainbow that finally took my yellow stonefly nymph nor the many large trout we caught on dry flies during the caddis hatches."

Jimmy Carter
U.S. President
Plains, GA

At Rainbow River Lodge each and every one of our anglers receives very special personal attention. You can expect the finest of your fly fishing dreams to become reality and return home with the fondest of all fly fishing memories. There are rivers here in our part of Alaska where the fish die of old age having never seen a fly, we will take you there!
Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing in Alaska
Rainbow in the Iliamna region naturally grow to 18 pounds or larger. Rainbows are caught June through September. However, due to the return of millions of sockeye in the month of July, the most productive rainbow fishing is in the months of June, August and September. We are located on the Copper River which was just rated in the top 50 best trout streams in the world by Trout Unlimited.

Arctic Grayling Fly Fishing in Alaska
Grayling Salmon are God’s gift to light tackle fanatics. They are thick in many of our streams and will attack a fly all season long even in the worst of weather. Most grayling average 10 to 14 inches with trophies measuring 21 inches. Their good reputation comes from their susceptibility to dry flies and the gracefulness in which they take them. 

Arctic Char Fly Fishing in Alaska
Char are commonly associated with the Dolly Varden since they are biologically the same. They average 3 to 5 pounds with the largest of the fish tipping the scales at 15 pounds. Available season long, they are a very hard fighter for its size and one of the most beautiful fish that we have in the State.

Chinook (King) Salmon Fly Fishing in Alaska
The largest of the Pacific Salmon, Kings average 20 to 30 pounds with the largest weighing in at 60 pounds. They enter our rivers in early June with fishing peaking from mid June to the middle of July. We fish the Nushagak River which holds the largest returning run of Kings in Alaska. We lease several different lands on the “Nush” providing our guests with the BEST King Salmon fly fishing available.
Sockeye (Red) Salmon Fly Fishing in Alaska

The Sockeye salmon enter the Iliamna drainage by the millions in late June and early July. For the first few weeks that they are in fresh water they are considered to be the hardest fighting salmon pound for pound. Sockeye Salmon average 6 to 10 pounds with a 15 pound maximum.
Chum (Dog) Salmon Fly Fishing in Alaska

Chums average 8 to 12 pounds and have a keen appetite for streamer flies and spinners. They don’t have as good as a reputation as the other salmon species when it comes to the dinner table, but for on the fly line there is much respect for their fighting endurance. Chum Salmon top the scales at 20 pounds and arrive in our rivers in July and early August.

Pink (Humpy) Salmon Fly Fishing in Alaska
The smallest of the Pacific Salmon, averaging 3 to 5 pounds. They arrive in mid-July and August. What pink salmon lack in size they make up for in aggressiveness and non-stop action. They are excellent sport on smaller rods.

Silver (Coho) Salmon Fly Fishing in Alaska

Fishing for Silvers is at its best in August and September. Most silver Salmon weigh between 8 and 15 pounds and are very aggressive towards flies and spinners.
Northern Pike Fly Fishing in Alaska
Northerns are the freshwater alligators of Alaska. Their strike is vicious, they are usually big and they will hit anything the moves! Pike are usually caught in the 25 to 40 inch class range. Pike can be found as close as your cabin door and are available all season.

Lake Trout Fly Fishing in Alaska
This is Alaska’s largest freshwater fish, inhabiting large, deep, cold lakes with the best fishing just after ice-out. Lake Trout are not usually a target species for us but a welcome surprise when we do land one of these large fish. We catch the majority of our “Lakers” in the outlets and inlets of the lakes that surround our lodge.

Wildlife viewing, reading a good book, hiking, flight-seeing, enjoying the majestic views of the Alaskan wilderness.

Rainbow River Lodge guests will fly from Anchorage to Iliamna on a private charter operated by Lake Clark Air. Rainbow River Lodge will schedule your flight from Anchorage to Iliamna for you. The cost of this flight is $380 and is payable to Lake Clark Air (907-278-2054).

Your flight will depart Anchorage at 4:00 pm on Saturday arriving into the village of Iliamna at 5:20 pm. Chad Hewitt will meet you in Iliamna as you step off the plane. We will transfer you over to our floatplanes for a short 15 minute flight to Rainbow River Lodge.  After a week of great fly fishing we will depart the lodge on Friday at 6:15 pm for a 7:00 pm departure out of Iliamna. You will arrive back into Anchorage at 8:20 pm.  You may want to take a flight out that night or overnight in Anchorage and fly home Saturday morning.

When scheduling your flights from your home city and Anchorage, make certain to give yourself 2 hours time to make the charter flight to Iliamna.  Please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions in making your flights.  We are here to help!

Jimmy Carter,
U.S. President
Plains, Georgia


$7450 pp

Rates Include: All 5-star meals, guiding, use of all boats and motors, use of aircraft, all equipment including rods: reels: flies and leaders, flights to and from the fishing lodge and Iliamna and a 7 day Alaska non-resident fishing license.

Rates do not Include: Tips, liquor and commercial air travel to and from Iliamna.

Reservations and Deposits: A deposit of 50% per person is required to confirm reservations. The balance is due 60 days prior to the scheduled arrival.  Use our online booking tool to reserve your date

Cancellations: Should you find it necessary to cancel your reservations, we will gladly apply your deposit to another booking. Trip cancellation insurance is recommended for your Alaska fishing vacation.

Guests are required to provide their own beer, wine and liquor as Iliamna Alaska is a “Dry” village. Ask us how we can assist you in purchasing and shipping your alcohol. We wish you the best of travels and invite you to our favorite fly fishing lodge in Alaska.

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