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Rogue River Outfitters are specialists in Rafting and Fishing the Rogue River.  If you are looking for adventure in Whitewater Rafting or Fishing down the Rogue River, then Rogue River Outfitters has a trip for you.  We offer a Rogue River White Water Wilderness Rafting Trip and a Rogue River Canyon Drift Fishing Trip.  Whatever thrill you are seeking, one of our rafting trips or fishing trips might just be what you are looking for.Our Guides:
All of our guides are independently licensed subcontractors trained in Fisrt-Aid and CPR.  All of our guides have many years experience fishing and boating the Rogue and numerous other Oregon, Washington and California rivers.  I as well as our guides have a true love, great understanding and appreciation for the outdoors.  We truly believe that we have the best crew on the Rogue River.  More about OUR GUIDES...

The Lodges:
We offer lodging on both our fishing and white water rafting trips.  The lodges are privately owned and operated.  They are tastefully located along the river.  These beautiful rustic lodges offer clean spacious cabins with soft beds and hot showers, not to mention first class meals. 

Our Camps:
It's hard to make a guarantee when you are dealing with the outdoors and Mother Nature, however, we do guarantee you will enjoy our deluxe camps.  We pay special attention to detail using large spacious tents, comfortable sleeping pads, lounge chairs, and the meals, WOW.  Our guides are masters when it comes to meal times: Dutch Oven breads, grilled meats, fresh tossed salads, fresh vegetables and dessert.  We are also happy to accommodate any special requests.

Shore Lunch:
Our meals are one thing that we can guarantee and lunch is no exception.  On all our trips, we provide a shore lunch fit for a king.  Breads, a variety of fresh made salads, cakes, cookies and everything you imagined putting on a sandwich.  Again we are glad to accommodate any special requests.

Children: Many people are concerned about children on our white water trips.  These are great trips for kids.  I took both my daughters on the Rogue by age 6 and they had a wonderful time.  Our guides are great with kids and they always keep a close eye out for safety.  We have life vests to fit all sizes and do require that children wear them while rafting and swimming, small children are advised to wear them around camp as well.

Rogue River Canyon Drift Fishing
A must for the avid fly fisherman

September begins our three day, two nights Rogue River Fall Drift Fishing Trips. We offer the drift fishing trips the months of September, October and November. At this time the adult summer steelhead (4lb. to 10lb.) and world famous half pounders (1 1/2lb. to 3lb.) are migrating up from the ocean to the upper reaches of the Rogue. The adult Chinook and Coho or silver salmon are also migrating up the river at this time.

Depending on the time of year there are many different fishing techniques used on the Rogue: fly fishing, spin casting, bait bouncing and trolling plugs. Our guides are masters at all of them. All fishing rod and tackle as well as bait and flies will be provided for you. If you have a favorite rod that is suitable you are more than welcome to bring it.

Our specially designed McKenzie river drift boats are truly the “Rolls Royce” of water craft. With one guide and two guests per drift boat, you are sure to get the individual care and attention needed to make your trip unforgettable. Our guides are all individually licensed and have many years’ experience fishing and boating the Rogue.

Nothing compares to this ultimate wilderness experience. As you drift the Wild and Scenic Rogue River Canyon with its rugged white water and placid pools you will not only enjoy the fishing but also the scenic beauty and the abundant wildlife. While drifting the river you will see Osprey, Wild Turkey, Bald Eagles, and Otters, turtles, dear and maybe black bear. Your guide will point out historic interests and tell historic tails. You can walk up and see Zane Gray’s cabin and imagine him writing his western novels. Take a short hike to the Rogue River Historical Museum and learn about the first white settlers to the canyon and read about the Rogue Indians.

We will spend our nights at beautiful rustic river lodges. Here you experience wonderful accommodations and first class meals. The lodge offers individual cabins with two guests per room hot shower heaters and a soft bed. This is where friendships are made and the fish stories grow each year.

Our trips are exclusive and we can accommodate up to 12 guests per trip. These trips are wonderful for the family, group of friends and also make a great corporate outing.

Rogue River White Water Wilderness Rafting

We guarantee you will enjoy our three day, two night white water wilderness rafting trips. They have proven to be a hit for the entire family, groups of friends and corporate outings.

Rafting the Rogue is both as adventurous
As it is rewardingly beautiful. The rivers class II, II, IV white water is well reputed as being among the nation’s best. Yet the rafting is only part of the enjoyment. The Rogue River offer a special wilderness experience that is truly first rate.

Your Rogue River trip begins at Graves Creek and ends 3 days, 2 nights and 38 miles later after numerous memorable adventures at Foster Bar. Our trips take you through 32 miles of federally protected Wild & Scenic Rogue River Canyon.

In 1976 the Rogue River was the first river entered into an act of congress called “The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968” This act was aimed at protecting and preserving the present state of the Rouge River and since then there has been no building or development. To protect against crowding the Rogue River can only be accessed by obtaining a permit. These laws have allowed the Rogue River to remain unchanged with its scenic beauty undiminished.

We raft the Rogue during the months of July and August. At this time of year you can count on warm weather with temperatures ranging from 85 to 95. Also, the Rogue River water levels are favorable for rafting making the class II, III, IV white water exciting and safe. Don’t’ worry if the weather is too warm the Rogue River water temperatures average 65 to 74 degrees, making the Rogue a perfect temperature for swimming. The Rogue River is a drop pool river, so after every rapid there is a pool before the next surge of excitement.

Between rapids as well as the beautiful scenery you will see all kinds of birds from Osprey, wild turkey, numerous hawks to Bald Eagles perched above watching over all. There are also abundant animal life turtles, playful otters, mink, and deer and if you’re lucky you may even see black bear fishing along the Rogue River.

There are numerous side hikes, swimming in a creek where gold miners once panned for gold or try panning for yourself. Walk up to Zane Grey’s cabin (the author of the Rogue River Feud and other western novels), visit the historical Rogue River Ranch Museum, swim lower Mule Creek canyon and enjoy hot rock therapy at the pick-up beach or slide down a natural water slide into a placid pool.

The Rogue River is an amazingly rewarding trip for all ages. A guest once said “This is the best multi- generational vacation we have ever been on” Whether your 8 or 80 you will fully enjoy this beautiful Rogue River trip, there is sensational beauty around every corner, exciting white water, side hikes, and our guides know how to cater the Rogue River to each and every guest.

Rogue River Outfitters is a second generation family owned and operated outfitting business. We take great pride in all our Rogue trips. All of our guides are full time and have many years of experience boating the Rogue River and other Oregon, Washington and California rivers. Our equipment is the best on the market and it is professionally maintained.

We offer Double Lodge trips, Camp Combo Trips and Double Camp Trips.  Availability changes daily, so please call to confirm any of the dates above.  For longer trip availability please call or email today!.

Take I-5 to Grants Pass, Oregon. Find a hotel and we'll schedule your logistics from there!


Our trips are exclusive and we can accommodate up to 12 guests per trip. These trips are wonderful for the family, group of friends and also make a great corporate outing.

WHEN - Sept thru Nov
WHERE - Rogue River Canyon

Three day, two nights - lodge accommodations
$1355 pp

Four day, three nights - lodge accommodations
$1755 pp

We offer Double Lodge trips, Camp Combo Trips and Double Camp Trips.  Availability changes daily, so please call to confirm any of the dates above.  For longer trip availability please call.

WHEN - July and August
WHERE - Rogue River Canyon

Three day, two nights for all trips:

Lodge to Lodge $955 Adult
Camp to Lodge $955 Adult
Camp to Camp $745 Adult


WHEN - May through July
WHERE - Deschutes River - Trout Creek to Maupin

Three days, three anglers per boat - NINE GUESTS
$825 pp

Three days, two anglers per boat - EIGHT GUESTS
$900 pp

Three days, two anglers per boat - SIX GUESTS
$1000 pp


We provide tents, all meals, all basic beverages (water, some soda, lemonade), we can provide rods (no charge if needed ) we have a list of things for the Deschutes fisherman to bring. We set up all the camps, do all the meals and all the tear down and clean up, this is the service you will receive on all of our trips on the Rogue River and the Deschutes river fishing trips.

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