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Date: 4/26/2012 2:36 PM UTC

Hello Friends ~ As is usually the case, the spring is heating in up in Mexico for offshore saltwater fishing! Here's the latest fishing report from Cabo, East Cape, Baja, Ixtapa, Mazatlan, and the Cancun Puerto Morales area - straight from our good friend Larry Edwards. When it's time to book a charter, don't leave getting the best available boat to chance - book it with someone who knows! ME :)


The Cabo San Lucas billfish bite offered some terrific fishing days this past week for some of the boats that fished the offshore waters from the 1150 fathom spot and on up to the Gorda Banks area. The "Gaviota IX" released 12 stripers for 3 fishing days and the skipper's reported good action on lures and live bait in the area. The boats were reporting billfish in widely scattered areas from the Lighthouse to Santa Maria Bay, Chileno, and outside Palmilla, but the concentration appeared tto be from the 1150 fathom spot and inward toward the Gorda Banks areas. The overall fish report for 18 offshore fishing days reflected 26 stripers released and 4 dorado and 5 inshore cruiser fishing days reflected 10 Sierra, 6 roosterfish and 2 skipjack tuna.

Cabo Climate: Picture perfect weather, sunny, warm and clear days and nights with temps from 63 nights to 90 daytime highs.

Sea Conditions: Pacific side, from Golden Gate, southerly across the Jaime Bank and out to the 1000 fathom curve and around to Chileno, temps at 71 degrees, then rising to 74 degrees just before the Gorda Banks and from Gorda Banks into the Sea of Cortez at 76-77 degrees.

Best Fishing Area: While scattered billfish bit well over a wide area the 1150 fathom spot was by far the center of the action and it extended on inward to the Gorda Banks and above.

Best Lure/Bait: Live bait was best but the fish bit well on the artificials and the drop backs were working well this past week with the fish eager to bite.

Live Bait Supply: A very good supply throughout the week with a mix of caballitos and mackerel.


The fleet continues to report very good striper action starting at about 15 miles south of the Marina El Cid and continuing outbound from that area as the water temps remain favorable for the area. The "Aries II" was high boat for the week and reported a 5 striper day that was followed by a 3 striper day. According to Ms. Kitcia Ceja, the reporter for the Aries Sportfishing Fleet, the action was good for all of the boats and multiple opportunities were available throughout the fishing week. The overall offshore catches for 16 days fishing reflected 17 stripers, (8 releases) 2 sailfish, 4 dorado and 1 mako shark. The inshore fishing report for 5 days fished reflected good red snapper acttion with 59 snapper, 31 grouper, 1 triggerfish, 1 perch, 1 barracuda, 2 corvina and a single sailfish taken aboard the Anzuelo III.

Mazatlan Climate: Mazatlan, aka sunny Sinaloa, offered warm, clear days and cool evenings with temperatures that ranged from 57 nights to 85 daytime highs.

Sea Conditions: Inshore waters are cool and green, with temps at 67-68 degrees, then rising to 72 offshore at 14-15 miles and again rising to 74-75 degrees at abbout 18 miles out to the south of the Marina El Cid. Water is mostly off colored greenish tinted out to about 18 miles or so, then goes to a clean green with a bluish color to the water.

Best Fishing Area: Out to the south of the Marina El Cid, starting at about 18 miles or so and outbound from there, into the warmer and cleaner waters.

Best Lure/Bait: The rigged baits have been performing exceptionally well for the Aries Fleet sportfishers.

Bait Supply: Remains excellent for both, live bait and fresh rigging baits.


Captain Temo Verboonen reported another week of slower than normal fishing for the offshore waters, (within the 25-30 mile range)primarily due to the cooler water conditions and the off-colored, greenish water. The big game fish, (marlin, sailfish, dorado, tuna, etc.) are, for the most part, staying outside the 1000 fathom curve and beyond the 50 mile mark, making it out of reach for most of the boats. However, the inshore fishing did pick up this past week and there were some much better reports reflected in the catches of Sierra and jack crevalle. The inshore fishing is different day by day and often, even during the same day, causing the skippers to explore different areas.

IZ Climate: Warm, sunny days and evenings with temps that varied from 67 nights to 86 daytime highs.

Sea Conditions: Cool, 71 degree water inshore along the beaches and gradually rising to about 80 degrees at 15 miles offshore and then increasing to 81-82 at about 18-19 miles and outbound from there. Clarity is poor to about 18-20 miles or so, with off-colored green water.

Best Fishing Area: The fish are scattered and there is no concentration at this time. However, as the water temps begin to increase gain and the water clarity improves, the bite will resume for this area.

Best Bait/Lure: For the few billfish that were caught, the rigged baits were working best.

Bait Supply: Remains excellent for this area with both, live bait and fresh rigging baits.


Puerto Morelos should be renamed the Caribbean Fun Fishing Center with blue water action just a few minutes outside the entrance to the Marina El Cid. The weekly bite action for this area is incredibly different from our other areas and typically spans at least a dozen species in every catch report. Now, as we move into the white marlin season, we add another fish to the spectrum. The overall catches for Puerto Morelos for 21 days fished reflected a 13 fish mixed bag report that included 3 white marlin, 6 sailfish, 16 dorado, 6 Atlantic barracuda, 4 king mackerel, 2 wahoo, 7 bonito, 3 Spanish mackerel, 1 grouper, 1 snapper, 3 amberjack, 2 triggerfish and 1 jack crevalle.

PM Climate: Partly cloudy but warm and toasty days and evenings with temps that ranged from 68 nights to 86 daytime highs.

Sea Conditions: Very good water temps and clarity conditions throughout this area and holding stable at 81-82 degrees with mostly light and variable surface breezes.

Best Bait: The on-going choice of the fishing skippers continues to be the freshly supplied ballyhoo, taken on a daily basis.

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