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Date: 5/2/2012 12:08 AM UTC

Hey Amigos ~ I'm off to BELIZE in like ten minutes! So, no blogs for a bit. But when I return, there will be info and photos aplenty! Here's the latest from Larry in Mexico! Have a good week and hope to hear from you soon!


If sight-seeing excursions for looking at many, many marlin, Cabo San Lucas would have surely been the world's hot spot and center of attraction. However, adding that tiny element of trying to catch a marlin definitely created a different scenario this past week. The reports reflect all boats were seeing terrific numbers of billfish in the offshore waters on the Sea of Cortez side of Cabo, with the 1150 Fathom Spot being the center of attraction and outbound in most any direction from there. According to Fish Cabo Fleet Owner, Roberto Marquez, the skipper's were seeing and baiting groups of sleepers with as many as 10 in the party and showing nothing in return for the effort. When you can see 10 billfish on the surface, there will be many more under the pack, (some 35 years ago, a tuna boat pilot, spotting for tuna in the Sea of Cortez, used to put me on spots of billfish and give me the numbers in the group that sometimes were staggering. Once we got within binocular range of the fish, you might see 2-3-4 or more on the surface, but he may have reported as many as 30-45 fish just below the surface and part of the same group that were not being seen from the boat). When you toss a fresh live bait into the midst of that melee and not get a single bite, it kinda humbles you and makes you wonder if you had any idea what you were even doing. It was the ultimate of frustration and disappointment and it happens every single year. The only thing that keeps you going is the opportunity and the occasional bite that does take place due to the "law of averages". I can well remember baiting more than a hundred billfish in a single day and not having a single bite.

Now, the overall fish report for the fleet actually reflected a fair bite for the 16 days fished and resulted in a combined report of 11 stripers released with "Fish Cabo" reporting 3 stripers released for tree fishing days, 2 roosterfish, 3 dorado, 2 mako sharks and 5 skipjack tuna for their efforts and most of the fish being seen in the wide area of the 1150 Fathom Spot and in all directions from there.

Cabo Climate: Partly cloudy days with the jet streams running over the top of Cabo and holding temps in the 64 nighttime ranges to 91 daytime high ranges.

Sea Conditions: Cooler waters on the Pacific side of the peninsula at 66-67 degrees and rising to 74 degrees at Cabo San Lucas and increasing from there to 77-78 degrees from Palmilla Point and out to the 1150 Fathom Spot and northerly from there, all with excellent clarity on the Sea of Cortez side.

Best Fishing Area: While the billfish were mostly non-cooperative, the bulk of the fish were being seen in the area of the 1150 Fathom Spot.

Best Lure/Bait: Live bait was best by far, but only because of the numbers of sleepers being baited and the "law of averages" that an occasional bite came from the sheer numbers of baits being tossed.

Live Bait Supply: The supply was very good throughout the week with caballitos and some greenback mackerel, too.


Some extraordinarily foggy days from Mazatlan that actually kept the boats from departing for lack of visibility, (most fleet sportfishers do not have radar capabilities). This condition reduced the overall number of fishing days for the Aries Sportfishing Fleet and only 8 total days were reported for the offshore waters. Mazatlan was experiencing some of the Cabo Syndrome with plenty of billfish being seen but getting them to bite was a completely different story. No matter how the baits were being presented, the billfish were showing little or no interest and the days were frustrating for both, the anglers and the crews. The offshore fish count for 8 days fished reflected 5 stripers, (2 released) and 1 mako shark, but with all boats having billfish opportunities. The inshore fishing was very good, with easy limit fishing for groupers, along with 10 red snapper and 10 perch reported for their 4 days fished.

Mazatlan Climate: Partly cloudy days with some "pea-soup" foggy conditions that spanned a couple of days and even prevented the boats from going out. Temps were the typical cool evenings and warm days that ranged from 545 degree nights to 84 degree daytime highs.

Sea Conditions: Mostly calm. Inshore temps at 73 degrees that would gradually rise to 77 degrees in the offshore waters at about 15-18 miles or so and the clarity conditions were much improved from the 15-18 mile mark and outbound from there.

Best Fishing Area: Generally, beyond the 15-18 mile mark as the water clarity and temps changed to warmer and blue water.

Best Bait/Lure: The rigged trolling bats caught the fish but according to the skippers, the billfish were non-cooperative for the most part and not interested in chasing the baits, no matter how well they were being presented.

Bait Supply: Excellent for both, live bait and fresh trolling baits.


It was a significantly improved fishing week from Zihuatanejo, according to Captain Temo Verboonen, and a welcome change to the past couple of very slow fishing weeks. There was just enough change in the overall offshore conditions to entice the fish to start biting a little better and the skippers were reporting fair activity on the marlin, sailfish and dorado in the offshore waters, starting at about 19 miles and outbound from there to 30-plus miles or more. The bait was being seen in the 15 mile area and the sailfish were popping up in that area in the early afternoons. The clarity of the water improved at about 23 miles or so and beyond, and the marlin were strutting their stuff in the blue water. The inshore fishing was pretty good this past week, especially for the Sierras, bonitos and jack crevalle but by mid-week the fish were biting much better in the Troncones and Saladita areas. Overall, Temo said it was a much improved fishing week and a sign that the offshore conditions had made some much need condition improvements.

IZ Climate: Partly cloudy but warm days and pleasantt evenings with temperatures that varied from 64 nights to 86 daytime highs.

Sea Conditions: Actually, a much nicer fishing week offshore with mostly calm waters and light surface breezes. Inside the 100 Fathom Curve the water temps were very cool for this area, down to 73 and increased steadily to about 77 degrees at about 15 miles offshore and rising to 78-80 at the 1000 Fathom Curve and outbound from there.

Best Fishing area: The early afternoons saw good sailfish action at about 15 miles offshore but the marlin and dorado action was outside there, starting at about 23 miles or so and beyond.

Best Bait/Lure: The rigged trolling baits were providing the bulk of the billfish and dorado action for the offshore waters. Spinning tackle, working well inshore and smaller hoochies and pencil poppers working good for the inshore.

Bait Supply: Continues to be readily available with a good supply of fresh baits for rigging and live bait for the inshore fishing.


I think we're going to rename Puerto Morelos the "Catch-a-lot" area. It was another super fishing week for the boats that produced a 15 fish mixed-bag catch that was spread over a total of 32 days fished by the various boats. The catches were inclusive of 1 blue marlin, 8 sailfish, 7 wahoo, 3 king mackerel, 15 dorado, 6 Atlantic barracuda, 10 blackfin tuna, 49 bonito, 4 amberjack, 15 triggerfish, 3 snapper, 1 shark, 2 grouper, 3 soapfish and 2 Spanish mackerel.

PM Climate: Partly cloudy but warm days and pleasant evenings with temps from 71 nights to 87 daytime highs.

Sea Conditions: Superb water temps that are holding stable at 81 degrees with excellent clarity and light tropical surface breezes.

Best Lure/Bait: The preferred bait continues to be the locally caught ballyhoo that is used for all of the locally caught species from the largest of billfish to the smallest of triggerfish.

Bait Supply: We have never experienced any diminished supply for fresh baits in the Puerto Morelos region.

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