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Date: 1/24/2013 5:20 PM UTC

Good morning worldwide fishing travelers. Here's the latest from Larry Edwards, our fleet operator in many Mexican waters! Happy New Year and good fishing!


The Mr. Conan Chang charter party, fishing aboard the "Fish Cabo", had a great offshore fishing day that resulted in 17 yellowfin tuna, all that averaged 30-35 lbs. They fished in the area about 20 miles south of Cabo Falso. High boat for the week was the "GAVIOTA IX", reporting in for 3 days fished that resulted in 3 stripers released, 11 yellowfin tuna, 2 wahoo and 3 dorado, with most of their fish coming from the area around Pozo de Cota on the Pacific side of Cabo. The overall fish counts for a total of 19 days fished reflected 14 stripers released, 17 dorado, 2 wahoo, 26 Sierra and 48 yellowfin tuna. The water temps on the Pacific side and around to Palmila Point moved up a few degrees this past week when the warmer waters out to the south of Cabo San Lucas moved into the north. Even so, the water temps are down 1-3 degrees from the norm for this time of year, which would typically be at 77 degrees.

Cabo Climate: Warmer weather has arrived with temperatures ranging from 61 nights to 82 daytime highs and partly cloudy skies.

Sea Conditions: The Pacific side, from Todos Santos down to Cabo San Lucas and around to Palmilla Point, all good water with temps ranging from 74-76 degrees, a bit warmer from the previous week. A pocket of cooler water remains from Palmilla Point to about 5 miles above Gorda Point and out to 10-12 miles, all at 71 degrees. All of the area with 71 degree water is off-color greenish water. Mostly light & variable surface breezes throughout the area.

Best Fishing Area: The Pacific side continues to be the better fishing location. The yellowfin tuna were taken out to the south of Cabo Falso, about 20 miles or so and the billfish were in between the Golden Gate Bank and the coast line, in the area of Pozo de Cota. There were scattered billfish taken over a 25 mile area that ranged from Pozo de Cota to south of Cabo San Lucas.

Best Bait/Lure: Live bait was best for the billfish and dorado and hootchies best for the Sierra. Yellowfin tuna were on the feathers, cedar plugs and live bait.

Live Bait Supply: Remains good, especially for the caballitos with only a few mackerel in the mix.


According to our on-the-spot reporter, Ms. Kitcia Ceja, most of the boats were used for whale watch tours this past week and there were only 4 offshore fishing days reported and the total catch reflected was 2 striped marlin, (1 released) and 1 dorado. The inshore fishing reflected a total of 6 inshore fishing days that resulted in 2 red snapper and 41 triggerfish. The catching was unusually slow this past week and for no apparent reason, especially given the good water temps and overall conditions. According to Kitcia, the best action for the week was in whale watching tours with 9 trips reported.

Mazatlan Climate: Cool nights and mornings but very pleasant days with temps ranging from 52 nights to 82 daytime highs and partly cloudy days.

Sea Conditions: Solid 76 degree water from the coast to 20-25 miles, then falling a couple of degrees. Mostly calm waters with light & variable surface breezes and good clarity.

Best Fishing Area: None reported for the few charters that did go out. There was an insufficient bite to claim any specific offshore area and the 2 billfish that were caught were in different areas, albeit, both out to the southwest of the Marina El Cid.

Best Bait/Lure: Both billfish and the dorado were taken on rigged trolling baits.

Bait Supply: An excellent supply of live bait and fresh mullet for rigging baits.


Captain Temo Verboonen reports that the fishing remains very good from Zihuatanejo that include some terrific fishing reports from the skippers and customers. As good as it gets is the fishing word for Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico. The Mark Kordus Husband and wife team from Rawlins, WY, fishing aboard the "Bloody Hook", with Captain Chiro Barrigan, has had 3 awesome fishing days that reflected incredible catches. Their first offshore fishing day resulted with 11 sailfish released. Their 2nd day started slow inshore at Los Morros de Potosi, looking for roosterfish, but had no luck and decided to return offshore for the remainder of the day, landing a big dorado, (about 25-30 lbs.) and releasing another 4 sailfish. Their final fishing day resulted in 12 sailfish released and another big dorado, all adding up to 27 sailfish released and 2 dorado for their 3 fishing days from Zihuatanejo. There's no question, the fishing/catching is wide-open. We compliment Captain Chiro and Luis, his mate, and of course the Kordus party for releasing all of their billfish for the trip. According to Captain Temo, the blue water is very close to the Bay with good clarity starting just a couple miles out from the entrance. We put the baits in at about 2 miles or so and catch the bigger dorado to start out the day and continue trolling out bound with the billfish action starting near the 5 mile mark. The schools of bonito are showing up in the deep blue water and the big game fish are staying close to the food source. The inshore fishing is very slow right now and while the water temps are OK, the roosterfish, jack crevalle and Sierra have all but moved out of the area for now.

IZ Climate: Cool mornings through Thursday, then warming trend kicks in. Temps ranging from 54 nights and early mornings to 84 daytime highs. Lots of sunshine with a few passing clouds.

Sea Conditions: Excellent water temps holding stable at 85 inshore and rising to 87 offshore, all with good clarity from just a couple miles offshore with light & variable surface breezes.

Best Fishing Area: The bigger dorado begin at about 2 miles from the entrance to Zihuatanejo Bay and the sailfish action starts at about 5 miles.

Best Lure/Bait: The fresh, rigged baits, are working superbly for both, dorado and sailfish with a variety of artificials working well, too.

Bait Supply: Our bait supply continues to be plentiful for both, fresh rigging baits and for live bait.


Only from Puerto Morelos can every fish caught during the day be a different fish! The variety on a daily basis is just amazing and while not all of the fish caught are considered game fish, most are fun to catch fish and enormously entertaining for family fishing groups and novice anglers. This past week's fishing offered a wide variety of mixed-bag catches that included a couple of sailfish, 7 dorado, 10 king mackerel, 72 bonito, (the fish of the week) 10 giant Atlantic barracuda, 7 blackfin tuna, 2 wahoo, 1 porgy fish, 5 amberjack, 8 soap fish, 9 banana fish, 35 strawberry fish, 13 triggerfish, 7 snappers and 37 grouper, a total of 16 species of fish caught for 36 days fished.

PM Climate: Mostly cloudy with a slight chance for rain Thursday thru Sunday. Temps ranging from 66 nights to 82 daytime highs with mostly cloudy skies.

Sea Conditions: Overall, continues to be very good for this area with temps holding stable at 80-81 degrees and surface breezes from 5-15 mph, mostly coming from the northerly directions and light swell conditions.

Best Bait: This area continues to select the ballyhoo as the bait of choice for all of the sportfishers and the supply continues to be excellent, caught fresh on a daily basis for the boats.

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