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Date: 7/17/2012 1:47 PM UTC

Hey's been a busy summer! Sorry so few blog posts. I have been fishing a bit and being a daddy a lot. Here's the latest from Larry Edwards, our expert on all things offshore fishing saltwater in Mexico. Summer is the best time for offshore saltwater fishing in Mexico as you'll see in this report. Enjoy it and please keep in touch!


Wow! The long overdue yellowfin tuna have finally started to show up and in fair numbers, too. Better yet, they are within 10-15 miles from the harbor and while school sized fish, (mostly in the 12-20 lb. ranges) there have been some larger, (50-60 pounders in the mix) that have been adding some spice to the days. Most of the boats that get on the fish early get the better catches but overall, it continues to average about 5 tuna per boat fished day and that's more than enough for dinner. The billfish are still in the area but have backed off the bite during the past week. The "Tuna Time" was high boat for the week with 3 striper releases taken on 2 of their 4 days fished and added to their score of 3 dorado and 31 yellowfin tuna. The water temperatures have seemed to stabilize through the past week and spiraled upward in to very favorable territory. Look for continued summer action from Cabo San Lucas as the elements settle to fishing perfection. Overall counts for the past week for a total of 22 days fished reflected 6 stripers released, 15 dorado and 115 yellowfin tuna.

Cabo Climate: Warm and partly days with some humidity and temperatures ranging from 76 nights to 94 daytime highs.

Sea Conditions: Excellent water temps that ranged from 83 on the Golden Gate Bank on the Pacific side to 85 on the Gorda Banks on the Sea of Cortez side. Good water clarity to the east of Cabo and into the Sea of Cortez.

Best Fishing Area: The "Herradura" area, just to the south of Cabo and out to the 95 fathom spot for the billfish and the yellowffin tuna.

Best Lure/Bait: Live bait best for the bilfish and the feathers, cedar plugs and Rapala type diving lures, along with feather and hoochies, working very well on the yellowfin tuna.

Bait Supply: Excellent for the caballitos.


The superb dorado fishing continues throughout the area and easy limit fishing is the normal everyday fishing result that leaves a lot of time for the anglers to practice their catch & release methods. The offshore cruisers and the inshore super pangas continue to deliver daily limit style fishing for dorado with a range in sizes from smaller fish to 30-pounders. This is genuinely family fun fishing at its finest that will provide youngsters with life-long fishing memories of watching and catching the arial acrobats that explode from the water in full color spectrums of the rainbow. This is the light tackle & fly fisherman's dream that brings so many anglers to Mazatlan during the early summer months. There were a total of 9 offshore cruiser fishing days and 6 inshore super panga fishing days this past week that resulted in limit dorado catches for every fishing day. No billfish were reported this past week and I can only suppose the focus of fishing stuck with the dorado action.

Mazatlan Climate: Partly cloudy days with temps that ranged from 74 nights to 89 daytime highs and a little on the humid side.

Sea Conditions: Overall, it was a mostly calm week with superb water temps at 84-85 degrees and good clarity. With all of the dorado in the area, one would/should wonder where are the black & blue marlin? Stand by, they will be arriving shortly.

Best Fishing Areas: Continues to be at the shark buoys for the dorado.

Best Bait/Lure: The dorado are enormously eager for almost everything that moves through the water, including bare hooks and occasionally, biting at the swivels. Live bait, lures of all makes and models, bait strips, etc., is all working very well.

Bait Supply: Excellent for fresh rigging baits or live baits.


According to Captain Temo Verboonen, the fishing in the offshore blue water for the past couple of weeks has been slow and only a few billfish have been taken. Temo says, "I can't figure it out. The water temperature, the clarity and the bait availability throughout this area is abundant right now but for whatever reason, the billfish have just not yet focused on this area. This is very unusual and could change at any given moment". As the week progressed, there were more sailfish strikes and with any luck at all, this will be the turning of the corner for the billfish. The inshore area was by far the best this past week and has been producing good sized roosterfish, some in the 50-60 lb. ranges and good catches for the bigger jack crevalle. The rivers are flowing to the ocean and there's plenty of debris and clarity breaks to fish right now. The jack crevalle are biting the big plugs trolled deep and the roosterfish are liking the surface poppers and of course, live baits, too.

IZ Climate: Mostly warm and cloudy days with an occasional shower here and there and temps that ranged from 68 nights to 91 daytime highs.

Sea Conditions: Near perfect and mostly calm conditions prevail throughout the area right now. Sea temps holding stable in the 87-88 degree range and clarity is terrific from close in to offshore.

Best Lure/Bait: The rigged baits starting to work well for the offshore sailfish and the deep diving plugs for the jack crevalle. Surface poppers and live bait best for the roosterfish.

Bait Supply: Excellent for both, fresh rigging baits and for live baits.


While a little slower fishing for this area, especially the drop in billfish numbers, I would suppose it's related to the rain squalls and the salinity dilution on the sea surface? Sure sounds like a good excuse to me. On the other hand, the Atlantic barracuda bite has really spiraled upward this past week and a fair number of 30-50 pounders were taken in the area. The overall fish counts for a total of 39 days fished reflected 1 sailfish, 43 Atlantic barracuda, 79 bonito, 9 mutton snapper, 14 blackfin tuna, 3 amberjack, 3 dorado, 3 wahoo, 4 grouper, 17 Spanish mackerel, 9 trigger fish, 1 king mackerel and 2 sharks, for a total of 13 species for this period.

PM Climate: Mostly cloudy but warm days with temps from 76 nights to 89 daytime highs and an occasional rain shower, too.

Sea Conditions: Overall, very good conditions with mostly light & variable surface winds blowing in from the Easterly directions in the 5-15 mph ranges.

Best Bait/Lure: The ballyhoo baits continue to be the preferred ammunition for this area and are provided freshly caught on a daily basis.

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