Tetu Island

You will be required to provide proof of citizenship to enter Canada.  If you are a U.S. citizen then a valid passport or an original birth certificate accompanied by a valid driver’s license will be accepted. For all other countries a valid passport is required.
Print two copies of the page in your passport, which includes your picture, passport number, issue and expiration date. Keep one copy in your wallet or pocket and one in your luggage.  This can be very helpful entering and leaving the country if your passport is lost.


In order to receive objective information about Tetu Island Lodge and all of our Canada fishing destinations, you need to contact us. If you know where you want to go, but just need availability information, fill out this form and submit it. We'll have answers for you quickly so you can make your decision.

For more information or to make reservations:    rodandreeladventures@gmail.com


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So far away from everything, even cell phone signals get lost...

Sometimes you just need to shove off from the daily grind. And when it comes time to cut the line, Tetu Island Lodge is where you point the bow. Out here, it’s all about you being able to relax. World-class fishing turns your deadlines into live lines, and five-star accommodations make your worries vanish like morning dew.Nestled deep in the striking Canadian wilderness of Ontario, Tetu isn’t your typical fishing lodge. Sure, we give you fully-guided, fully-equipped fishing to spots so hot the Walleye can’t help but kiss the hook. But we also take care of every last detail of your stay. Every last, unimaginable, unforeseeable, impossible-to-plan-for, nitpicky detail.How about piping hot coffee at your door each morning? Or a steak done to your exact tenderness? We’ll even nudge up the heat in your cabin while you’re out on a chilly afternoon. All you have to do is worry about the stuff that really matters (crankbait or spinner bait??). We’ll take care of the rest.

Yup, there’s something different about Tetu Island Lodge. Sure we’ve got big fish just like every other Canadian lodge. But the way we see it, it’s not about fishing. It’s about leaving your worries at the shore and letting us handle the details. That’s what turns a simple fishing trip into a first-class adventure.

FISHING INFORMATION FOR TETU ISLAND LODGETetu Guides: Fish finders or beer getters? Exactly.
When we say, “fully guided fishing,” we mean “fully EVERYTHING fishing.” Our guides are professional fish snipers from all over Canada with one mission: do everything it takes to give you the fishing trip of a lifetime.

That means baiting your hook, arming you with an intense array of state-of-the-art fishing gear and yes, even putting a ice cold beverage in your hand. And when it comes time for the guides to do the guidin’, they’ll take you to fishing spots where the fish spend just as much time out of the water as they do in.

With a lifetime of experience putting lines in the water and a habit of knowing exactly what you need before you need it, these guides are the best you’ll ever have. With these guys on your side, you can sit back, relax and catch a fish or two or twenty-five.

A Day In The Life Of A Tetu Guide

6:00 AM: Preps the boat. Packs all the gear you’d ever need.
7:00 AM:
 Makes sure you’re up. Need anything? Another pot of coffee?
7:45 AM: 
Pops by the breakfast table with a weather report.
8:15 AM: 
Grabs your bags. Don’t even try to help.
8:30 AM: 
Takes you straight to his favorite Walleye spot. Time to catch lunch.
9:30 AM: 
Shows you the places where you’ll pull in the big boys.
11:30 AM:
 Gives some tips on casting. Here, try this lure for Northerns.
12:30 PM: 
Finds a nice rock outcropping for the famous Tetu Shore Lunch.
Lights the fire, filets the fish, grabs you a beverage. Prepares you a gourmet outdoor meal while you polish your fishing stories.
1:30 PM: 
Brings you back to the water. How about a little trolling?
4:00 PM: 
Takes you to his favorite (and secret) place for a few more big’uns.
5:30 PM: 
Convinces you to stay out just a little longer – one more Master Angler.

6:15 PM: 
Brings you back to the dock. Brings your gear back to the cabin.
7:00 PM: 
Swings back to the lodge for a quick shift behind the bar.
Guests that are driving to our boat landing should choose the best route to Kenora, Ontario.

From Kenora:
Approaching Kenora, use either BYPASS 17A or 17, and continue to 596. You will lose cell phone reception at the this intersection so please call us (807-224-3487 or 807-224-2600) so that we know when to send the boat to pick you up.

Take 596 to 525. At this point you will turn left at River Air and take 525 approx. 18 miles until you cross White Dog Dam. You will see the Tetu Island Lodge landing sign soon after the dam. Turn left and stay to the right. Continue up the hill for about one half-mile to the landing. Our staff should be there to greet you.

From Winnipeg Airport:
Take Wellington Avenue from the airport to Route 90 N. Go east on Perimeter Highway until your reach HWY 1 (Trans-Canada HWY). Turn east, and go approx. 130 miles to Kenora. Please see above for directions from Kenora.


Two per boat:

2 nights, 2 days - $1498 pp
3 nights, 3 days - $2247 pp
4 nights, 4 days - $2996 pp
5 nights, 5 days - $3745 pp
6 nights, 6 days - $4494 pp
(8:00 AM arrival, no breakfast)

4 nights, 3 days - $2497 pp
5 nights, 4 days - $3246 pp
6 nights, 5 days - $3995 pp
7 nights, 6 days - $4744 pp
(5:30 PM arrival, dinner and lodging that evening)

Three per boat:

2 nights, 2 days - $1438 pp
3 nights, 3 days - $2187 pp
4 nights, 4 days - $2936 pp
5 nights, 5 days - $3685 pp
6 nights, 6 days - $4434 pp
(8:00 AM arrival, no breakfast)

4 nights, 3 days - $2437 pp
5 nights, 4 days - $3186 pp
6 nights, 5 days - $3935 pp
7 nights, 6 days - $4684 pp
(5:30 PM arrival, dinner and lodging that evening)

Important Note Regarding Rates:
Rates are based on either two people or three people in a boat. If you have an odd number and choose to have one person go alone with a guide, there will be a $175 per day charge for the additional guide and boat (if they are available). All rates are quoted in U.S. funds and are subject to change. Rates are based on U.S. and Canadian dollar equivalency and may change with economy. Canadian and provincial taxes not included. A $300 per person non-refundable deposit is required immediately after your trip is reserved. Parties are responsible for full payment for the original number of booked guests, even if the actual number of guests in the party is less than the original reservation.

For your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards.
If you would like to fly-in to Tetu Lodge, please call us for rates from International Falls, Winnipeg, or Kenora.

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